Traction Motor Blower

Our solutions for Traction Motor Blowers are characterized by: » Light Weight » Reliability » Low Noise » Wheel Fatigue Resistance » Energy efficiency » Easy maintenance


Traction motor cooling is one of the most stringent applications in rail vehicles. Whether the fan is installed on the boggies, inside the bodyshell, on the roof or underframe we have solutions to match with operating conditions of high speed trains, locomotives, EMUs / DMUs and metros.

Success Stories

  • TGV (France)
  • TRAXX AC (Germany)
  • ALP45 Dual Power Locomotive (USA)
  • AEM-7 (USA)
  • KIRUNA (Sweden)


  • Taylor made aerodynamic design
  • System flow simulation using CFD
  • Anti fatigue design involving both FEA and endurance tests
  • Low noise for both passengers and driver comfort
  • Life Cycle Cost optimization