High temperature Roof Fans (400ºC/2h)

STEF and JMHT Hatch

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ROOFMASTER® range covers air flow up to 5 m3/s and pressure rise up to 650 Pa. The ROOFMASTER® series is characterized by low sound level as well as easy installation and service.

ROOFMASTER® series consist of sound attenuated version STEF and basic version STOF. The STEF range is available in standard, smoke extraction (400ºC/2h) and spark-proof version. The STOF is available in standard version.

JMHT Hatch

JMHT Hatch from the SMOKE MASTER range of fire safety products is a roof-mounted unit for mechanical smoke exhaust. It combines a smoke hatch and a smoke extract fan and is delivered ready for roof mounting, provided with electrical components and wiring as ordered.

JMHT Hatch is designed for smoke exhaust only and has a temperature designation of 400°C /2 hours. The product is
not suitable for continuous air extraction. JMHT Hatch has been designed using the best knowledge in the field of smoke hatches and smoke extract fans, which makes it a reliable and the most economical solution for through-roof smoke exhaust.