High temperature fans (400ºC/2h)

Axial fans and Radial fans

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JM High Temperature

All fans are tested to the latest internationally recognised standard IS05801 Part 1, installation category D for aerodynamic performance and BS848 Part 2 (1985) for acoustic performance. Coupled with the above fan diameters, the adjustable pitch Aerofoil impeller gives the exact performance required, with a non overloading fan characteristic.

  • Designed for emergency ventilation of hot fire smoke applications.
  • 300°C for one hour or 400°C for two hours operation.
  • EN12101-3 certification for 400oC for 2 hours
  • Sizes from 315mm to 2500mm.
  • All casings are hot dipped galvanised.
  • Volume flows up to 150m3/s.
  • Static pressures up to 1900 Pa.
  • Motor protection IP55.
  • Inverter controllable for ambient Temperatures.
  • Large sizes available please enquire.

Centrimaster® GT

CENTRIMASTER® GT-range consists of centrifugal fans sets for air flow up to 50 m3/s and pressure rise up to 3300 Pa. CENTRIMASTER® is the fan series characterized by high efficiency and low sound level especially at low frequencies.

CENTRIMASTER® GT-fans are available as single or double inlet fans. The fans come with direct or belt drive. The fan series includes two impeller types, with forward curved blades and with backward curved blades. GT fans are available in standard, smoke extraction (400ºC/2h) and spark-proof versions.

  • 200-1400 mm Æ
  • 50m3/s
  • Static pressure up to 3300 Pa
  • Two types of fan impeller offer forward curved (GTLF) or backward curved (GTLB/GTHB) blades
  • Single inlet can be either direct or belt drive. Double inlet belt driven only
  • Smoke extraction (400°C/2h)
  • Robust yet lightweight construction